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  • Social event 

Reflection on Torreya's decline and future:

  • Lectures 

  • Hike led by Dr. Ed O. Wilson

  • Torreya planting 

  • "Tree Tender" animated film (by Florida Museum of Natural History & University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute)   

Development of a collaborative action plan to support conservation actions: 
 Field work and science team meeting: scientist will be discussing research collaboration opportunities
MARCH 1, 2018
MARCH 2, 2018
Interpretive hikes: 
If you are not part of the science team you we invite you to to join the interpretive hikes led by the Friends of the Torreya State Park and Atlanta Botanical Garden personnel. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the park, its biodiversity and the role of local stakeholders in conserving Torreya  
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