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Smith, J. A., O’Donnell, K., Mount, L. L., Shin, K., Peacock, K., Trulock, A., Spector, T., Cruse-Sanders, J., and Determann, R. 2011. A novel Fusarium species causes a canker disease of the critically endangered conifer, Torreya taxifolia. Plant Dis. 95:633-639.

Xue Zhou, Kerry O’Donnell, Takayuki Aoki, Jason A. Smith, Matthew T. Kasson & Zhi-Min Cao (2016) Two novel Fusarium species that cause canker disease of prickly ash (Zanthoxylum bungeanum) in northern China form a novel clade with Fusarium torreyae. Mycologia, 108:4, 668-681

Smith, J.A. and A. Trulock. 2010. The Decline of Florida Torreya: An Endemic Conifer on the Edge of Extinction. EDIS FOR276

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