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" The Florida torreya is North America’s most endangered conifer, with less than one percent of its population remaining. Now, scientists are mounting a last-ditch effort to save the torreya and are considering using new gene-editing technologies to protect it." 

Article by J. Martinelli @ Yale Environment 360

"A poorly understood disease is plaguing one of the most endangered trees in North America, attacking its stems before it can grow higher than most of the shrubs in Florida's Panhandle" 

C. Smith-Schoenwalder, E&E News

IDr. Jason Smith explains the importance that Torreya taxifolia has for the biodiversity of the The Apalachicola River basin, its current conservation status and some of the actions forward to protect it discussed during this event. 
Interview with
Science Magazine interview with E. O. Wilson about the event and his interest in saving this rare species. 
"A main goal of the event is to gather the best minds in one place and hammer out plan of action that can bring the torreya back from the brink,” said Smith...
Blog by S. Grenrok , UF/IFAS News
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